Care Instructions

Polymer clay is a durable material, but proper care and use is still necessary to extend the life of your jewelry. 

  • To clean your Marsuko earrings or accessories, use a soft, damp fabric cloth or baby wipe on the surface to wipe away dirt or makeup. If you are finding it is particularly tough to clean, use a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol (50% or less is best as to not damage the earring) and gently clean the surface. 


  • Please note that if your earring is glossed with resin, mild soap and water is the only thing you need to clean the resin surface. This also applies to gold leaf and shimmering surface earrings. The polymer clay surface (on the back) may use the other cleaning methods referenced previously. 


  • Try not to submerge your jewelry in water as this will decrease the longevity of your jewelry's life as polymer clay is porous by nature. Additionally, this could damage the jewelry findings.


  • Store your jewelry in room temperature areas and away from sharp objects to keep surfaces from being scratched.


If you have any damage to your earrings that is not caused from normal wear and tear, please contact me as I am happy to work with you to restore, repair, or replace your earrings. 


Thank you for choosing Marsuko!